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Rules & How to Play

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biggri Rules & How to Play

Post  Chopsta123 on 29/5/2012, 12:03 am

Once per hour you can add a point (+1) to a character and take away one point (-1) from another character.

Every character starts out with a given amount of points.
When a character reaches 0 he is eliminated and can be taken off the list.
Once a certain number of characters are eliminated, adjustments can be made on the
amount of points to add per post (+2), (+3), etc.
It is not allowed to post two times in a row if there has been no other vote from another person.

How to play:
1) Copy and paste the scores from the last post of the game.
2) Calculate and change the score based on that post: e.g. 4 (+1). . . .Aragorn to 5. . . .Aragorn
3) Put (+1) next to the score of one the characters: e.g. 10 (+1). . . .Elrond
4) Put (-1) next to the score of another one: e.g. 10 (-1). . . .Théoden
5) Post!
6) Next person starts from 1) by changing Elrond's score to 11 and Théoden's to 9...

... and most importantly:
7) Have fun!!

(Updated 7th June 2012):
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